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Fabolous Drops Serious Bars In “Cheerio Freestyle”

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Cheerio Freestyle


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Fabolous is still the punchline king.

Fabolous has let it be known this year that he’s not quite ready to retire. A few months ago, he (Along with Jim Jones) dropped a remix to Pusha-T’s “Diet Coke” hit. Today, he decided to return to the music scene with “Cheerio Freestyle.”


“Cheerio Freestyle” is slight work for Fabolous. The song is only two minutes long; however, within that time, the fire-ass bars come rampantly. What he mainly raps about is having fresher clothes, badder chicks, and a quicker temper than us peons. While I think his punchlines in the song are astute, it’s his cadences that catches my attention.

Can you believe that Fab is pushing 50? (How is his hairline so crisp?)

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