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Un Verano Sin Ti (Album)

Bad Bunny

This album will be played nonstop on my upcoming Cancun trip.

Bad Bunny probably outsells the artists that you put crowns on. According to Spotify, in 2021, he was one of the most-streamed musicians in the world. With the release of Un Verano Sin Ti, it’s probably a lock that Bunny is going to end up being one of the top streaming artists of 2022, too.


This album is long as hell (It boasts 23 tracks). No need to worry, Bad Bunny puts on a very entertaining show. Throughout Un Verano Sin Ti, he blesses us with his signature emphatic vocals and irresistible melodies. He also does a fantastic job of switching between all kinds of Latin-inspired sounds. Overall, I think this is a great album.

Un Verano Sin Ti features guest appearances from The Marias, Jhay Cortez, Tony Dize, and more.

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