Astelle & Couché

The perfect dance track with sexy pop and hype house vibes.

Up-and-coming Norwegian musical creative, Astelle, is a 21-year-old vocalist and songwriter with hefty goals. She uses her tunes as a platform to promote “power, passion, and femininity.” Astelle also enjoys experimenting with various styles, never limiting herself when it comes to genres. Her music is available on Spotify and Apple Music. Astelle’s latest drop, “Paid,” is the result of her collaborative effort with Norwegian producer and songwriter, Couché.

This is a subtle, sexy, upbeat song that screams about success. In other words, “Paid” is a house piece with uplifting and inspirational words for listeners. Lyrics like “You’re a meal. It’s a deal. Throw in fries and a coke / Put the order in the drive-thru and I’ll take it to go” and “What’s that sound? You might ask what’s the coin in my bag” reminisce on the artist’s “big aspirations.” Astelle also delivers these lines with tons of ear-pleasing charm. Overall, “Paid” is the perfect jam for unapologetically celebrating your own hard-earn success. So, stream Astelle’s “Paid” today to feel that success in your own work.