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Manu Francois Soothes the Soul With “Sing On”

Sing On (Full Band Experience)

Manu Francois

“Sing On” is the perfect, cushy embrace to heal your heart and elevate your spirit.

New Zealand-based musician, Manu Francois, is a mixed genre artist, singer, songwriter, music producer, model, and multi-instrumentalist that has played with many projects. He dropped his first solo album back in 2017, eventually following it up with impressive efforts in 2018 and 2020. Francois’ music is available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. One of his latest releases is “Sing On (FULL BAND EXPERIENCE),” the third installment of one of the most rustic/captivating tracks from his 2021 five-track EP titled Humanity.

“Sing On (FULL BAND EXPERIENCE)” boasts a lively, warm, and soft sound that offers gentle guitar strums to soothe our spirits and bold drum patterns to make us feel totally alive. Francois’s vocals are equally warm and carry us through the single’s touching reflection. Lyrics like “Can you play that sound for me again, love?” and “I need to get away. Let’s make a brighter day through the eye of the storm” highlight heartfelt exploration. They also remind us of straightforward beauty and what life and love have to offer. Overall, this is a song that would thrive in a comfy setting. Appropriately, the original song’s video is made up of eye-pleasing nature visuals to add to its legend.

Stream Manu Francois’s enchanting “Sing On (FULL BAND EXPERIENCE)” below.




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