Nobody Listens To Me!

Francisco Martin

A nostalgic pop tune with punk and rock elements.

Los Angeles-based musical creative, Francisco Martin, is a pop singer, songwriter, and producer who strives to be authentic. Martin gained notoriety in season 18 of American Idol, and in 2020, he made the Top 5 before exiting. After Idol, the artist released a few singles, eventually going on a coast-to-coast tour. Some of his previous well-received songs include “Swollen” and “If U Need Me.” These and more are available on Spotify, YouTube, and his own website. Francisco Martin’s recent release is the alternative single, “Nobody Listens To Me!” The song also has an accompanying official video.

This hit is an infectious blend of pop-punk style. “Nobody Listens To Me!” immerses us into catchy beats before getting vulnerable about Martin’s journey. Lyrics like “All that I wanted was your love, cause’ nobody listens to me” and “Maybe I should just leave, but, there’s no team without me” explore the relatable struggle of feeling ignored; specifically, feeling ignored in a suffocating environment and longing to be heard. For the people who enjoy 2000s pop, this song sounds similar enough to bring some nostalgia to you. So, stream Francisco Martin’s “Nobody Listens To Me!” for that nostalgic trip mixed with some modern sounds.