Micayl Feels Like A “Half Hearted Lover”

A melancholic pop song with slow jazz and a little bit of soul.

Micayl Half Hearted Lover song cover

Half Hearted Lover


A melancholic pop song with slow jazz and a little bit of soul.

German-based singer/songwriter, Micayl, shows great talent and honesty in his work. His music style ranges from lo-fi to melancholic pop, with lyrics about his own vulnerabilities. On his Instagram, he shares, “It’s been so long since I have put something of myself out into this tumultuous, crazy world and it’s such a delicate and scary process.” It is indeed an act of bravery to expose yourself through art, but we can see he has a talent for it with his latest release, the slow and lonely hit, “Half Hearted Lover.”

“Half Hearted Lover” is a melancholic, heartfelt song. In it, Micayl sings from the very bottom of his heart and soul. In lyrics like “How much longer will I be truly yours or just a half-hearted lover?”, he shares his own personal pain. This soft pop song feels like an Adele hit mixed with male vocals; as a result, it provides the same amount of love and audience relatability. It’s an amazing work that strikes the soul all too well, So, hit play on Micayl’s “Half Hearted Lover” to experience that intense love yourself.

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