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clide Discusses The Terrors Of Heartbreak In “MUST BE NICE”

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A pop-alternative gem with indie vibes that captures the pain of a heartbreak.

German-American musical creative, clide, is an up-and-coming indie singer-songwriter who crafts attention-grabbing tunes. clide’s work mixes pop with modern and R&B elements for an ear-pleasing music experience. His music is available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. clide’s latest release is the alternative single, “MUST BE NICE.”

“MUST BE NICE” offers the perfect ethereal soundscape as clide says goodbye to his ex-love. Lyrics like “Wore my heart on my sleeve for a moment, but you know that it all comes to an end” and “So I’ll leave you before we get broken cause I can’t be broken once again” explore this pain. clide provides listeners with plenty of pop elements while tapping into the agony of leaving the one you love. At the same time, he gives an emotional and personal tale of heartbreak that truly touches the soul.

Stream clide’s “MUST BE NICE” below.

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