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R.E.C. Pours His Heart Out In “L.A. LOSER”

L.A. Loser


Honest and vulnerable lyrics over a hard-hitting hip-hop beat.

Arkansas-based artist, R.E.C, is an up-and-coming hip-hop artist. He started releasing music a couple of years ago; however, his very first album came out this year. Monachopsis has 7 songs; all of which display R.E.C’s skills when it comes to making rap-pop mixes. His music is available on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. “L.A. LOSER” is a track off R.E.C.’s latest album.

“L.A. LOSER” starts off with a breaking news interruption, which makes us want to pay close attention to the song immediately. Personally, I think that’s a fun and surprising way to set the tone, and amazingly, it doesn’t keep the song serious for too long. From there, you will be bombarded with a unique mix of hip-hop and pop vibes. Content-wise, R.E.C. references the mixed feelings that come with liking someone, but at the same time, being afraid of the vulnerabilities that appear with such emotions. Lyrics like “scared I will lose her, but she drives me crazy. That’s how the story goes” explain that fear. R.E.C clearly isn’t afraid to be honest about how he feels, which is something that is very commendable. So, hit play on R.E.C’s “L.A. Loser” today to learn how to be that fearless yourself.

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