River Happy For You



I’m convinced that River is Wonder Woman (Wonder Woman hopped through several different decades, right?).

Swedish singer-songwriter, River, brings personality with her pin-up looks and jazz-soul-inspired music. In an interview with Prelude Press, she mentioned that she is influenced by both the classic Playboy aesthetic and Bettie Page. Music-wise, River released her first single, “MISS ME,” last year. Additionally, she released “WE’LL BE TOGETHER,” an 80s-inspired hit that is currently on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. River’s latest release is “HAPPY FOR YOU,” yet another vintage-sounding track.

I would consider “HAPPY FOR YOU” an R&B song. River’s vocals add a deep level of personality, while her lyrics tell a story about wanting to get over someone that doesn’t want to let her go. With lyrics like “Listen, baby, I’m tired of putting up with all your lies. Should have known better than letting you fuck with my mind,” River speaks her truths. Although the song has strong retroelements, there’s also a more modern dance arrangement submerged within. All in all, “HAPPY FOR YOU” is truly a track that is unique.

Press play on River’s “HAPPY FOR YOU” below.

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