Selfies In A Wraith

Dappa (Ft. Benny The Butcher)

This might be the coldest track I’ve heard this year.

When it comes to rap scenes, I see similarities between Philadelphia and Buffalo. Both cities boast gritty MCs that can rap their asses off. In “Selfies In The Wraith,” a rapper from each city go toe to toe with one another.

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“Selfies In A Wraith” is harder than trying to open up a soda bottle with your teeth. For starters, the song is powered by this tough-ass beat that I saw fighting folks in a club a few days ago. Over the beat, Dappa and Benny The Butcher drop bars about dealing with chicks that are bad, but also slightly misguided. All in all, if you are a fan of old-school hip-hop music, you will love this track.

Give “Selfies in a Wraith” a shot below.