Jones Dynamic Is “Second Guessing” Himself

A captivating R&B single with pop elements and a soulful beat.

Second Guessing

Jones Dynamic

A captivating R&B single with pop elements and a soulful beat.

Musical creative, Jones Dynamic, is an up-and-coming singer-songwriter who loves realistic writing. His previous drop is the delightful 2020 single “Love,” which is followed by his new R&B single, “Second Guessing.” According to the artist, the tune “is about challenges we all face. Always second-guessing, especially when it comes to love, affection, and acceptance.” He focuses on relatability and makes it his core purpose to connect with his listeners. Dynamic’s carefully-crafted tunes are available on Spotify and iHeart.

With plenty of contemplative moments, “Second Guessing” will leave you wondering “if everything in the world is full of possibilities, what then are the right choices?” It will additionally draw you in with its dreamy soundscape. Lyrics like “Second-guessing myself, hoping for satisfaction. When I look in your eyes, I could see your reaction” and “So many options. So many things to think about. What’s my reaction? I’m over-drowning in my thoughts” vulnerably explores varying what-ifs. These are the questions that plague our minds, too. As Dynamic reflects on his personal woes, he makes sure to keep things smooth. However, this slow R&B hit also reminds listeners of favored pop songs from earlier decades. The combination of great lyrics and beautiful beats makes up an inspiring tale. So, stream Jones Dynamic’s “Second Guessing” today to get into that definitive mindset.

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