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C. Ross & Tone Jonez Seek “Unconditional” Love



C. Ross & Tone Jonez

“Unconditional” features boatloads of soulfulness.

C. Ross is a hip-hop artist that was born and raised in Philadelphia but currently resides in the Atlanta region. If you are a fan of the genre, what you will love about him is that he likes to fill his music with tons of passion, a splash of humor, and motivational words. C. Ross’s previous single, “Spirit Led Theme,” boasts an impressive amount of streams on Spotify. His newest single, “Unconditional,” is a track that I know for sure hip-hop fans will love.

Speaking of love, in “Unconditional,” the C. Ross and Tone Jonez ask for plenty of it. Over a beat that oozes both heavenly vibes and hard-hitting elements, C. Ross hits us with raps that perfectly describe the bumpy drive that relationships take on the road to finding happiness.  The way that he touchingly and grittily lays his bars downs makes his lyrics feel relatable and theatrical.

Kudos must go to featured guest Tone Jonez. He does a fantastic job of blessing the song with a hook that is jam-packed with both passion and soul.

“Unconditional” is simply a beautiful song that I recommend the world should listen to. Go ahead and press play on it below.

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