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Eshu Tune Hits the “1-3 Pocket”

1-3 Pocket

Eshu Tune

A hip-hop track with pop elements and a calm, confident vibe.

Hannibal Buress is an American comedian, actor, writer, and producer that is currently exploring other creative ventures such as music. Most recently, the multi-talented artist dropped his debut EP, Eshu Tune, under the name Eshu Tune. The eight-track project shows off the comedian’s various skills as a producer, beatmaker, songwriter, and rapper. In an interview with Buress, he said that his dive into crafting tunes wasn’t just inspirational; it also reconnected him with his long-standing love for music. “1-3 Pocket” is one of the songs on his new EP.

“1-3 Pocket” is an easygoing track with an infectious beat. It instantly offers up an immersive soundscape for listeners to fall into. Lyrics like “Hit the 1-3 pocket, and I’m cold with it” and “If you see me at the bowling alley, do not try to challenge me ’cause of this song. If you not pro-level, I’m probably smoking you” are playful. At the same time, it reflects, ironically, on the artist’s bowling skills (While it sounds unusual, it makes sense). Buress delivers his lines with a clear passion for his creations while keeping the carefree mood constant throughout. As he says on the tune, “just enjoy the track and vibe.” So, stream Eshu Tune’s “1-3 Pocket” for this unique setting.

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