French Montana

I swear on everything, I just visited Alcatraz yesterday!

Lots of people forget that when French Montana first hit the music scene, he was a boom-bap/kill-a-rapper type rapper. His music used to have punchlines galore and East-coast-inspired beats. These days, Montana mainly makes whatever kind of music that the kids want to hear. With that being said, today, the New York rapper decided to drop a brand new track that has him sounding like the old version of himself.

“Alcatraz” has bars (Do you like what I did there?). From the moment that the beat drops, you get hard-hitting raps that highlight French Montana’s comparisons to Kanye when it comes to breaking Kardashian curses, his ranking when it comes to New York artists, and his street-certified ways. What’s interesting about the song is that it features punchline after punchline after punchline (Elementary punchlines, but punchlines nonetheless).

French Montana said you peons need to put respect on his name.

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