Could We Ever Be The Same

Cerissa McQueen

Cerissa McQueen has a voice that can move mountains and possibly help us achieve world peace.

As you may know by now, I listen to a lot of music. There are only a few musicians that I’ve heard sing that really moved me: Cerissa McQueen is one of them. Her voice effortlessly pierces souls and drops jaws. The good news is this: Cerissa is getting her flowers everywhere she goes. Not only has she opened up for legendary acts such as Musiq Soulchild, but she has also performed at sold-out shows all over the globe and has worked with music icons such as Myron McKinley and Kevin Flournoy. If you truly want to fall in love with Cerissa, you need to listen to her latest single, “Could We Ever Be The Same.”

“Could We Ever Be The Same” is produced by the ever-so-talented Myron McKinley. What he hooks Cerissa up with is an instrumental that feels soothing, organic, and jazzy. Over the instrumental, Cerissa gifts us with a vocal performance that has too many highs to count and vocal pitches that I believe only the greats can reach. Aside from her amazing vocals, she also blesses us with lyrical content that dramatically asks this age-old question: Can a fledging relationship be repaired with a little bit of effort and loving? (Kudos must go to Cerissa’s mentor, Grammy Award-nominated Earl Thomas Bridgeman, and Phillip C Wootton for writing this song). All in all, “Could We Ever Be The Same”  is a captivating effort that I think deserves Grammy consideration.

Give the captivating “Could We Ever Be The Same” a spin below!