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Listen To “The Explicit Tape: Raw & B” By Nick Cannon

The Explicit Tape: Raw & B 

Nick Cannon

Nick Cannon, someone who knows a thing or two about baby-making, decided to release the ultimate baby-making soundtrack called “The Explicit Tape.”

I wrote this post while on a flight back home from San Francisco. My initial plan was to do a full review of this album (I downloaded it to my Spotify and everything); however, after listening to about five songs, I said “no, no, no (On some Amy Winehouse s**t). First off, The Explicit Tape: Raw & B features literally laughable performances by Nick Cannon. Throughout the project, he attempts to sing like Ty Dolla $ign, he attempts to rap like Drake, and he attempts to pimp like Bishop “Magic” Don Juan. I swear, this album feels like the musical version of a Wildin’ Out episode. I guess the one saving grace is that it features some interesting artists (Chris Brown, Brandy, Rick Ross, and K. Michelle), but I was too angry to care. I mean, seriously, what the f**k is this corny s**t? 

Give Nick Cannon his daytime show back so he won’t have any more time on his hands to make music. 

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