Dreezy and Hit-Boy make a fiery couple in “HitGirl.”



5. They Not Ready


I said it before, and I’ll say it again: I love it when artists open up their albums explosively! Fortunately, that is exactly what happens with HitGirl. The best way to describe “They Not Ready” is like this: It’s a track in which Dreezy proves that she is a top 5 female rapper that is down to put anyone that doesn’t think she is in a headlock. It’s also a track in which Hit-Boy proves he doesn’t mind getting into a melee with some drums.



4. Sliders

I was slightly taken aback by the idea of a collaborative effort between Dreezy and Future; however, “Sliders” proves that they are a tandem that works.

In “Sliders,” Dreezy and Future have an equally heavy load (Pause). The former ensures that listeners are met with flashy and gritty raps, while the latter ensures that we are met with raps that are infectious. If I’m being honest, this is one of Future’s best features this year.


3. Jackson 5

Dreezy demands her respect throughout “Jackson 5.”

On GOD, “Jackson 5” is one of the hardest tracks I’ve heard this year. For starters, the song boasts a beat that will draw you in with its spellbinding elements and hard-hitting drums. As for Dreezy, in the song, she makes it a mission to let the world know that she’s ready for smoke at all times, that she is flier than most of her competition, and that she is rich off non-illegal activities. Personally, I like the flair and aggression she spits with (I swear, it sounds like she was playing hopscotch while rapping).



2. Easy

Dreezy and Hit-Boy click from all cylinders in “Easy.” 

Dreezy and Hit-Boy are on the same page on “Easy:” An ass-kicking page. The song features what I think is the best beat on the album, and what I think is Dreezy’s most assertive raps and impressive cadences + flows. All in all, this is an ‘easy’ top 5 pick. 



1. 21 Questions

Dreezy’s take on 50 Cent’s “21 Questions” smash hit is phenomenal!

I swear, I’ve been waiting for years for someone to do their own version of “21 Questions” (Preferably a woman rapper). This weekend, almost 21 years after the song’s release, we got it from Dreezy. What I find fascinating about her version is that it has a bit of a grittier tone than the original as she seems more intent on trying to find out if her lover is down to put in work or just Putin when it comes to relationships (Do you like what I did there?). Though Dreezy’s raps come across as semi-aggressive (I don’t think she can turn that style off) and almost Pac-ish, she does bless us with a gentle hook that I think the late great Nate Dogg would approve of.


1. They Not Ready (4/5) 

2. Jackson 5 (4/5)

3. Sliders (Ft. Future) (4/5)

4. Phases (3/5)

5. 21 Questions (5/5)

6. In Touch (3/5)

7. Balance My Lows (2/5)

8. Easy (4/5)

9. Vibez (3/5)

10. Real Ain’t Real (4/5)




Let’s get this out of the way immediately: Dreezy is a fantastic rapper. I’m going to get destroyed for saying this, but she reminds me of a mix between G-Herbo, Tupac, and Tink. Overall, I believe Dreezy has the confidence and hunger you should want every single one of your favorite MCs to have. With that being said, I think Hit-Boy brings out the absolute best in her in HitGirl. Yea, the album has a few duds here and there, but for the most part, it features some of the hardest-hitting, most thoughtful, most crafty, most adrenaline-filled raps I’ve heard this year. I hope this brief album puts Dreezy back on the promising trajectory that she was on back in the day.

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