Sektion 11C

A slow electronica track with techno sounds and an 80s style.

Sektion 11C is an electronic side project run by German-English producer, songwriter, singer, and musician, Patrick Staniforth. According to Staniforth, Section 11C is a result of his experimenting with drum machines, samplers, and synths. The collective sounds take inspiration from a variety of sources: Lulu Rouge, Tale of Us, Fluxion, Maya Janes Coles, Moderat, Massive Attack, Pink Floyd, and Primal Scream. Sektion 11c’s latest drop is the electronica single, “Illusion.”

Now, this is the lofi electronic 80s nostalgia people enjoy. “Illusion” has a dance-ready beat, but it seems more drawn to soft-spoken vibes. Still, lyrics like “Walking through the night, I see your flashing silhouette. People dancing through the colors, dancing with the dead” and “A million miles away from this world, I recognize your voice. Everything seems predetermined, cannot make a choice” offer an intriguing exploration. By providing an otherworldly, mysterious sense, Sektion 11C’s latest work is the perfect late hour listen. At the same time, it’s there to give you an instant jolt of energy. So, press play and let Sektion 11C’s “Illusion” wake you up.