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Jupiter Threat Stirs Things Up with “Shaken”


Jupiter Threat

A rock single that explores all the pains of heartbreak.

Miami, Florida-based musician, Jupiter Threat, is an up-and-coming artist who has a bright future. According to Jupiter, his first tune is a “song about a guy who got cheated on by his girlfriend, so he punched a wall outside of the bar of where she and her new lover were at.” The artist adds, “He broke his hand and the scars left behind of a new love lost.” This heartbreaking piece is available on Spotify, Bandcamp, and Apple Music. The title of Jupiter Threat’s great debut is “Shaken.”

This is a heavy rock/grunge mix that certainly left us stirred up. “Shaken” is all about pain. Lyrics like “A brick wall and a fist; who knew they didn’t mix. Hold me back, I’m going in” and “One thing I’ve learned from this: Love’s never solved with fists” recall these pains. They touch on how sadness can lead to feeling lost and emotional frustrations. It’s clear that there is so much substance instilled in this song, and it’s all in the name of passion.

Stream Jupiter Threat’s “Shaken” below.


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