I Like It


A jazzy house single with a powerful instrumental.

Omaha, Nebraska-based musical creative, Carl Davis, is also known as BlackLight or blacklighttrance. Davis is an EDM producer, songwriter, and performer with a love for crafting all forms of electronic dance music. The goal of his music is to “spread good vibes and make you want to dance.” Previously, the emerging artist gave us summer vibes with “Bright Me That Light.” Now, BlackLight’s newest hit is the jazzy house piece, “I Like It.”

“I Like It” is different from Davis’s previous releases in the sense that it features much more jazz, more sounds, more power, and more beats. Clearly, this hit is meant to get you dancing. However, it is another almost entirely instrumental offering. Still, the tune instantly immerses you into its world with funky elements that nicely evoke cityscape feels. At almost eight minutes long, “I Like It” definitely doesn’t hold back when it comes to quantity. At the same time, those minutes provide listeners with plenty of time to experience the unique blend of feel-good horns and spirited rhythms. So, press play on BlackLight’s “I Like It” to explore the perfect mini-escape into the city.


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