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Alan Fiore Longs for His Ex on “Next to Me”

Next To Me

Alan Fiore

A pop single with a smidge of rap.

Westport, Connecticut-based musician, Alan Fiore, is a singer, songwriter, and producer. The artist’s love for music began during his childhood days (He grew up listening to his father play the piano and took classical piano lessons himself). During his teenage years, Fiore began writing his own songs. Soon after, he started working with local music producers. However, Flores was ultimately left unsatisfied with the end product, leading him to start producing his own tunes. Since then, he has continued to perfect his craft. His discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. Alan Fiore’s latest drop is the pop single, “Next to Me.”

“Next to Me” is one of the loneliest pop pieces you’ll ever hear. The song’s melody is light and slow while the background is full of finger snaps and echoes. Lyrics like “I’m waking up now without you around. And I’ve been tryna make sense of this” and “There’s new pics on the balcony, but I’ll miss the ones with you next to me” explore heartache. Unfortunately, this all comes with losing the one you love. Between its intimate moments and mellow pop vibes, the song will suit anyone laying in bed, crying over a breakup. So, stream Alan Fiore’s “Next to Me” today to hear about a loss that will tug at your heart.

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