Pricey Léa The Cox



A hip-hop/R&B hit with tons of pizazz.

LA-based singer, LÉA THE LEOX, is a rising artist in the R&B scene. LÉA comes from a family of musicians, which certainly influenced her to take the same path. The singer released her first single, titled “Readyornot,” in 2020. Her musical style is a mix of R&B and hip-hop with some basic pop thrown in. So far, she has only released four songs but has already received incredible reviews. Her hit, “80 Proof,” has gained over 11k streams on Spotify alone. LÉA THE LEOX’s newest release is the multi-genre piece, “Pricey.”

“Pricey,” which features producer and musician Devin A. Smith, is inspired by many different sounds; one of the most obvious is the mix of hip-hop and Eastern styles. Lyrics like “Don’t come ’round me unless you adding to the account / I ain’t picking up unless you talking pretty amounts” talk about revenge. At the same time, they explain an ex-lover getting nothing less than what she deserves. Ultimately, “Pricey” is about owning up to the person you have become. LÉA’s mellow voice contrasts Devin’s huskier vocals to create this one-of-a-kind blend. So, listen to LÉA THE LEOX’s “Pricey” today to dive into as many genres as you can.