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Atlantic Beats, Sammy Kay and Odio Are “Drifting”

Drifting Atlantic Beats song cover


Atlantic Beats (feat. Sammy Kay & Odio)

A pop song with rap elements and multiple points of view.

Boston native, Atlantic Beats, is a former engineer. Now, he’s a producer who has started releasing his own music. Beats’ first single was released earlier this year. His latest release, “Drifting,” is a collaboration with Kay and Odi Okafor.

“Drifting” is a fun and fast-paced song that can hold its own in a dance club. Kay’s vocals are endearing and emotionally appealing. In contrast, Odi’s vocals are honest and visceral. There’s a hidden meaning written into every word. While they’re singing “I never fell more in love with life. I never fell more in love with you than I do, babe,” they’re saying, “baby, please say if I hurt you.” Overall, every element is strong and takes a second to transfuse. Overall, the song shows Atlantic Beats’ talent as a producer. In other words, the song is nothing short of powerful. So, stream “Drifting” to be amazed by true wordsmiths.

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