Like I Don’t Know You

Chris de Sarandy

A high-paced pop gem with intense vocals.

UK-based musician, Chris de Sarandy, is an emerging singer-songwriter with a profound musical past. When he was only 14 years old, the British artist started playing in an indie band; however, due to creative differences, Sarandy ultimately went his own way. After finishing school, he was signed by the independent label Embassy of Music. His music is currently available on Spotify, YouTube, and Instagram. Chris de Sarandy’s latest release is the two-track pop EP Like I Don’t Know You. His newest hit has the same name. This new song also features an accompanying music video.

There is nothing about this song that doesn’t express loss or love. It’s intense and high-paced, but it’s like listening to our inner anger. Lyrics like “Now, it’s like I don’t know you. Trying to chase after everything we were looking for” and “We can put out the fire if it’s what you desire. Just be true to me” explore pain with this anger; specficially, it’s the pain of watching the one you love turn into a stranger. While it’s not a familiar expression to everyone, it still hits home with every listener. “Like I Don’t Know You” tells a bittersweet tale of heartbreak that definitely leaves a lasting impression. So, stream Chris de Sarandy’s “Like I Don’t Know You” today to learn how it feels to lose love.

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