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Novaa Claims That “I Would Be Rich”

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I Would Be Rich


An indie-pop piece with lots of echoes and explanations.

Berlin-based musical creative, Novaa, is an alternative pop singer, songwriter, and producer who first debuted in 2019. Her stunning tunes gained plenty of attention from music blogs; these include The Line of Best Fit, CLASH, and Girls Are Awesome. According to Novaa, her latest release “is about doing work for someone else and not getting credit or a reward for it.” The name of Novaa’s recent release is “I Would Be Rich.” The song also has an accompanying music video.

“I Would Be Rich” is titled masterfully. In the song, Novaa puts into words how it feels to not garner credit for all of the hard work that she does for other people. Lyrics like “I’m tired of heating the oven; of cooking for men that are leaving me hungry” and “I would be famous if they only gave me credit for the work that I did (Yes, I said it)” explore these frustrations. At the same time, the song is an echo of itself as the singer claims she is an echo of others.

Stream “I Would Be Rich” today to learn how to avoid Novaa’s situation for yourself.

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