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Sinzere Declares That She Is “Tricky”

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A hip-hop track with powerful generational messages.

Canadian musical creative, Sinzere, is a rap/soul artist that creates tunes that are meant to inspire listeners through attention-grabbing lyrics and “deep cinematic sounds.” She takes influence from a variety of artists; these include Queen Latifah, Notorious BIG, Jay Z, James Brown, and Drake. While her tunes pay tribute to the golden era of hip-hop, Sinzere focuses on offering songs that are unique to her own style. Recently, the artist landed deals with CBC’s “The Block” and “Diggstown.” Her discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and her own website. Sinzere’s latest drop is the hip-hop single, “Tricky.”

“Tricky” is a bouncy piece. It contains instrumental plucks as a background and it relies on vocals more than bass. Lyrics like “Our ancestors ain’t sacrificed they life so you could sleep” and “All the odds against us, they wondering how we made it from the slave ships” make statements. These claims revolve around how racism and slavery have shaped black lives. At the same time, they encourage black folks to remember their own greatness on top of everything else. Sinzere has a passionate delivery that keeps you fully hooked. She is commanding, yet uplifting. She gives us the declarations that shape many generational views. So, press play on Sinzere’s “Tricky” for inspiration to rebel against the system.

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