An EDM experience with serious dance vibes.

Israel-based musical creative, Vladimir Bondar, is a Ukraine-born instrumental artist who created the EDM project Nokerson. This world-traveling artist has explored various styles; he even used to write his own raps in Russian. He spent years trying to create tunes that would universally connect with his listeners. When Nokerson debuted this year with his album Before the Change, he found that sound. You can find his full discography on Spotify, SoundCloud, and Instagram. Nokerson’s latest drop is the EDM track, “Moments.”

Easygoing yet infectious beats throw us right into a dance song. “Moments” goes for a slow and steady build with warm tones, and at the same time, offers an intriguing retro sense. The song is an entirely instrumental creation that focuses on immersing you into its world with stylish synths and bold instrumentals. Really, it all pulls together rather beautifully with a blend of laidback and electrifying elements. Nokerson’s new tune gives us an ever-changing experience. However, it also reminds us to enjoy life’s journey and appreciate the seconds that make it special. So, stream Nokerson’s “Moments” today to remember how important the small ones are.