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JOEJAS is easily the coolest individual on this planet (He leapfrogged Johnny Depp in the standings).

If you haven’t heard JOEJAS’s music yet, you are truly missing out. What I like about his style is that it feels hella organic, charming, and Tyler, The Creator-Esque. Recently, JOE released “SALLY’S LAST DANCE,” a track that he actually self-produced. The song features visuals that were shot by him (This dude is a swiss army knife).

Let me get this warning out of the way really quick: JOEJAS’ vocal performance on “SALLY’S LAST DANCE” might break a few of your glasses… However, I do think his fearlessness as a singer sets the tone for the song’s overall message (The song is about sealing the deal (Amidst a little bit of controversy) when it comes to getting the number of someone that you are feeling at a party). As for JOE’s raps, I think they are solid. I enjoy how he navigates through the song relying on smooth, unbothered LL Cool J-like deliveries. All in all, “SALLY’S LAST DANCE,” which is a finale for JOE’s “Sally” series that started all the way back in 2016, is somewhat of a happy ending to a very relatable tale of love.

Sally will be back, bro. If Tyler Perry couldn’t get rid of Madea, there’s no way JOEJAS will be able to get rid of Sally.


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