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Victory (Album)


IXP definitely prevails with the release of “Victory.”

Florida’s very own, iXP, has returned to the music scene with a brand new album called Victory. The ten-track project highlights iXP’s ability to create songs that feature unique rap styles, powerful lyrical content, and vibes that will give you a blast to hip-hop’s best past.

The main thing that I think music fans will enjoy about Victory is that it features some very personal songs by iXP. From the moment that you press play on the album, you will be greeted by deep verses in which iXP talks about politics, lessons he learned throughout life, and his motivation to succeed. Though iXP’s rap flows are very complex, there’s this level of reliability and vulnerability that is packaged with his lyrics that makes the body of work feel refreshingly straightforward. 

Kudos must go to MGEEZY. The production that he blessed VICTORY with is wide-ranging and explosive. The album also boasts guest appearances from Young Cash, Holly Monroe, C.E.O., and Dread Beats. 

Give the very impressive VICTORY a shot below.








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