Endless Sky


An R&B gem with alternative vibes and a lofi setting.

Seattle-based musical creative, Vinslo, is an up-and-coming artist with a recent debut that has gained positive feedback. The hypnotic genre fusion song was co-written by fellow Seattle-based artist, Barrett Staples. Vinslo, for her part, seems to prefer the alternative and R&B genres; however, her future songs may explore others. Currently, her discography is only available on SoundCloud (We hope to see more plugs soon). Vinslo’s debut music tune is the fusion genre hit, “Endless Sky.”

The phrase “Endless Sky” offers images of forever going forward with beautiful colors. We can confidently say the song reflects that image with a dreamy soundscape. The usage of bells and an R&B background presents the sound we want to hear when we think of an ongoing sky above us. Lyrics like “It’s gonna break my heart, but that’s okay. That’s okay. That’s okay” and “Don’t know what I’m here for, but I’m here for real” are delivered with the same message. There’s a sense of the artist not knowing what she’s doing, but she’s taking advantage of everything regardless. This atmospheric sense comes through thanks to Vinslo’s soft, sensual vocals. With airy instrumentals and electro-pop moments, this song gives us reasons to get hyped for what’s coming, even if we don’t know what is coming. So, stream Vinslo’s “Endless Sky” today to discover what you can do under one.

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