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Alex Wampler Asks His Love To “Keep Me Sane”

Keep Me Sane

Alex Wampler

An R&B and rap mix with slow beats.

Up-and-coming American musician, Alex Wampler, is an emerging artist who initially debuted in 2021 with the 12-track hip-hop album, Product of Limitations. This first album was released through Bungalow Records, but since then, he’s turned to streaming services as well. According to Wampler, despite discovering his love for writing when he was 16, his freshman project wasn’t something he seriously considered; at least, not until he was in the right mindset to create it. This project, and others, are available on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. Now, Alex Wampler returns with his latest drop, the captivating R&B single, “Keep Me Sane.”

“Keep Me Sane” is the mix between casual rap and R&B that makes the most of each genre. The beat and vocals don’t have to line up to make the best of the best. This hit offers the perfect soundscape to get you in the mood to dance or relax, however you feel at the time. But the message delivers a very different tune. Lyrics like “Break me into pieces than you clean me up, That’s the only time I feel I can be this tough” and “You notice all the things I’ve changed that made me who I am you made me better” claim plenty of sweet moments. This is a song about that special someone who has made your life better. Wampler vulnerably shows off his most authentic self here. So, stream Alex Wampler’s “Keep Me Sane” to see how someone can keep you alive.

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