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Coi Leray Stands Tall In “The One”

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The One

Coi Leray

I find it so weird that there are a bunch of grown folks that hate Coi Leray.

Coi Leray has talent. Coi Leray has a very unique personality. Coi Leray is only 25-years-old. Yet, she gets more hate than your average rapper, male or female. The good thing is this: Coi doesn’t mind calling out her haters every chance she gets. In “The One,” her latest single, she lets the world know that no one is going to block her from being herself.


Throughout “The One,” Coi Leray speaks about the hate she received after blowing up in 2021. Though the song contains semi-dark lyrics, it boasts colorful vibes and infectious melodies. I will say that it definitely sounds like an interlude.

GIve “The One” a shot below.

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