You Should Know

GMNI & Levi Garrett

A hip-hop collab with many moving parts.

Cincinnati, Ohio-based music group, GMNI, is another emerging duo born out of the artists’ “vision for complete sonic and artistic duality.” GMNI’s electronic sound expresses elements of pop, funk, and psychedelia to create an infectious groove. For their recent single release, the artists teamed up with South Florida native Levi Garrett. Additionally, new wave neo-soul singer and songwriter KELS is also featured on the new track. Dedicated fans might have already found GMNI on Spotify and Apple Music, but noticed that this song is available on SoundCloud under Garrett. GMNI’s multi-collaborative effort is their newest single, “You Should Know.”

“You Should Know” is a rap hit with pop undertones that blends the genres smoothly. Lyrics like “After all that pep talk and all that reasoning, your mood swings be changing like the four seasons” and “Baby you should know exactly how I feel” might sound assumptive. However, they’re actually quite emotional. This is a love song with a twist; it dips into the other side of love that we don’t often see. At the same time, it gives us a relatable reminisce that truly touches the heart. So, stream GMNI’s “You Should Know” today to learn what exactly you need to know.

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