This is essentially a greatest hits album for the fallen rapper.

I am still very bummed out that XXXTENTACION isn’t with us right now. As outlandish as this may sound, I thought that he had a chance to go down as one of the greatest musicians of all time. To me, his talent was f**king endless. The good news for fans of his is this: While he was on this earth, he released a lot of music. LOOK AT ME: THE ALBUM compiles some of his best work into one body of work.


The first disc (Which is called LOOK AT ME THEN) features a bunch of underground tracks that XXXTENTACION made early on, while the second disc (Which is called LOOK AT ME NOW) features a bunch of album cuts that he made throughout the years. What’s really cool is that this project gives listeners a chance to hear how much X grew as an artist within a span of like two to three years.

Go ahead and give XXXTENTACION’s LOOK AT ME: THE ALBUM a spin below.

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