Max Diaz

An alternative rock gem that will remind you of the great rock eras.

Houston, Texas-based musician, Max Diaz, is an independent singer and songwriter who is fully immersed in every aspect of his music. Diaz writes, records, and self-produces all of his work. His tunes combine elements of indie and alternative rock for a unique sound that reflects his opinions on how music should sound. Diaz’s motto is “music speaks, it doesn’t matter what you look like or who you are, it’s a universal language that should be enjoyed by everyone.” He’s entirely right, of course. Diaz has made his work available to everyone through Spotify, YouTube, and his own website. His alternative rock single, “Connie,” which was originally released in 2020, is one of his latest gems.

Think A-ha before you click on “Connie,” because it sounds similar. This is a piece that takes inspiration directly from the 80s, and it sounds like it’s set there as well. It brags about a chilled alt-rock soundscape with heart in every word. Lyrics like “How do you sleep knowing the things you do to me?” and “Is this your life? Do I make you feel alive?” reminisce on the all-consuming titular character. At the same time, the artist passionately explores his feelings for this lady whom he can’t get out of his head. Let’s talk about an old-school rock vibe, because that’s exactly what this has. Diaz delightfully delivers an emotionally charged alternative rock single that you’ll want to listen to over and over again. So, stream Max Diaz’s “Connie” today to be thrown back into your favorite era.