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NLE Choppa Drops The Full Version of “Apart From You”

Apart From You

NLE Choppa

NLE Choppa’s range is very slept-on.

Yesterday, I said that I like that this generation of rappers aren’t afraid to let the world know how much they love their partners. Back in the day, rappers only made love songs because their labels forced them to. Today, four months after Valentine’s Day, NLE Choppa decided to drop “Apart From You,” a track in which he proclaims his love for his chick in a very raw way.


You don’t get murderous NLE Choppa in “Apart From You;” you get lovey-dovey NLE Choppa! Over the song’s silky smooth beat, he sings his heart out, spraying his girl with compliments that are everything from PG to Rated R in the process. Personally, I think the song features impressive melodies and a vocal performance that is very stomachable.

If Gucci Mane is making love songs, the hardest rapper on this planet can make a love song.

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