Wheels Fall Off

Chris Brown


Do you know what’s funny? Ever since Chris Brown dropped two projects with over 30 tracks, he has been relatively quiet. Yeah, you might hear him pop up as a feature here and there, but his solo efforts have come at a minimum. According to my unreliable sources, Breezy is ready to drop his 10th studio album. One reason that I know this is going to happen is that today, he decided to release “Wheels Fall Off,” one of the singles off the upcoming project.


In “Wheels Fall Off,” Chris Brown narrowly straddles the line between singer and rapper. Content-wise, he drops lyrics that remind listeners that respect needs to be put on his name in both the streets and the music industry. Since the song has a very raw nature to it, its accompanying music video only features Chris spitting his facts to the world through a hanging mic that is located in Dr. Pimple Popper’s backyard.

Y’all gon’ learn that Breezy is one of the greatest musicians ever.

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