Glitchy Gal

DJ Super Will

DJ Super Will keeps the energy coming in “Glitchy Gal.”

DJ Super Will was put on this earth to make venues turn upside down. The highly skilled producer and DJ from the midwest have done his fair share of spinning everywhere, from packed clubs to underground raves. These days, DJ Super Will is wreaking beautiful havoc on streaming services. His 2021 release, “Glitchy Gal,” is doing serious numbers, even though it boasts a title that would scare anyone that spends a lot of time on a laptop.

The energy that “Glitchy Gal” possesses is amazing! The song is powered by this uptempo instrumental that makes sure there is never a moment that is dull or unshakable. The vocals that are added to the fray perfectly straddle the line between infectious, pesky, and computerized. When it’s all said and done, the combination of all the sounds that you hear in “Glitchy Gal” should make you want to dance in an unorthodox way or drop the phone on a help desk technician; either or, you should get a rush from the song.

DJ Super Will is set to release a new EP this summer, so stay tuned! In the meantime, let “Glitchy Gal” take over your mind by clicking below.