Baby Boo

Muni Long (Ft. Saweetie)

“Baby Boo” is the cutest song since “Kiss Me Thru The Phone.”

I’m old enough to remember when a song called “My Baby Daddy” was being spun on the radio. While I wouldn’t say that Muni Long and Saweetie’s “Baby Boo” is on the same ratchet level as “My Baby Daddy,” it is on the same level when it comes to making you feel proud of your partner.


“Baby Boo” is the kind of track that turns stars into superstars. The song’s bouncy, adorable, and uptempo sound will catch the attention of tons of people. I also think that the combination of Muni Long’s soulful vocals and Saweetie’s spicy raps is too appealing to ignore. If this song doesn’t turn clubs upside down, I am confident that it will make for a great track for Kidz Bop Vol. 67.

If a girl calls me ‘Baby Boo,’ I’m just going to assume that she doesn’t like me.