Young Cvsper shines in the short but sweet “Gunther.”




3. Moves

Young Cvsper makes major “moves” here.

First and foremost, I have to say this: The beat that powers “Moves” is my favorite on this project. It boasts this sly style that really strikes a chord with me. The way Cvsper rides the beat is hella impressive. As for lyrically, I love how he hurls out lyrics that highlight his ambitions and goals. More than anything, I feel this song is one of Cvsper’s most adaptable to date.



2. Day Care

Young Cvsper motivates the kids with “Day Care.”

Ironically, you don’t get child’s play from Young Cvsper in “Day Care.” He does get his Chucky on rapping-wise, though. In the song, he murders s**t by hitting us with tough deliveries and flows that are pretty complex. As for lyrically, he comes across as a mentor to kids who are dealing with mental health issues, who are uncomfortable in their own skin, who are aspiring artists, and who are hungry for success. Every second of this song is real as hell. to me.



1. Tank on E

Based on today’s gas prices, this song has a very relatable title.

Even though this song is called “Tank on E,” Young Cvsper drives recklessly on it. Over a hard-hitting beat that would make a snake with some bling bling on come out of a vase, he hits us with both fast-paced and laidback flows. He also hits us with both rebellious and thought-provoking lyrics (You get a chance to hear the difference between Cvsper and Gunther in this song). More than anything, “Tank on E” is one of those tracks that will make you realize how fun it is to let your mischievous side run rampant.


1. Behind My Back (3/5)

2. Murda Ya (3/5)

3. Tank on E (5/5)

4. Day Care (5/5)

5. Moves (4/5)

6. Quite Like YC (3/5)

7. Idgaf (3/5)




Young Cvsper continues to stack his resume with pretty solid efforts. Last year, he dropped Gvstly, an album that I think really shows the world his potential as a musician. In Gunther, I feel like Cvsper lets loose and has some fun on the mic.

The first thing that catches my attention about Gunther is how much Cvsper adjusts his style on the project. Throughout it, based on the instrumental that he is handed, you might hear him toy with fast-paced flows, Eminem-Esque flows, and/or laidback flows. I really applaud how Cvsper dives into every song fearlessly, proving to the world that he is as versatile as it gets.

The thing that I like the most about this album is the lyrics that Cvsper blesses us with. I love how he makes it known in several songs that there are a few sides to him. I also love how down-to-earth, motivational, inspirational, and rebellious his words are from time to time. All in all, I just feel like you get a chance to know Cvsper from a personal level with this album.

I used this world earlier, and I will use it again: relatability. In Gunther, Cvsper finds so many different ways to come across as relatable. By using this approach, he makes it easy to root for both him and Gunther.

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