29 (Freestyle)


JID is one of the most talented rappers on planet earth.

Dreamville’s roster is making major moves. This year alone, we’ve received projects from EarthGang and Bas. I fully expect Ari Lennox and J. Cole to gift us with something within the next few months. Someone from the group who hasn’t dropped in a while is JID. Today, the Atlanta rapper decided to release “29 (Freestyle),” a song in which he reminds the world that he is more than capable of whipping ass on the mic.


First and foremost, this song is not a damn freestyle. That s**t sounds well-structured and normal (Can we stop saying s**t are freestyles when they are not?). Secondly, JID can rap his ass off! I absolutely love how he carves up the Karate Kid-Esque beat with flows so intricate, they might sound slow-paced to one person and fast-paced to another. Lastly, who has time to dissect what the f**k JID said in this song? I heard productive gibberish.

I want to see a battle between JID and Logic.

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