Heather Sommer

An alternative rock-pop fusion with electric vibes.

New York and Los Angeles-based musical creative, Heather Sommer, is a songwriter, visual creator, and independent artist. Her songs are the kinds that you’ll want to listen to on repeat. Sommer grew up feeding her inner creative through chorus and AP art classes while exploring visual and musical arts. She stands out in the music industry thanks to her “chameleon-like vocals” and imaginative lyrics that give her “the capability to jump between genres.” Her singles have also appeared on notable Spotify Editorial and algorithmic playlists. They’re also available on SoundCloud and YouTube. Heather Sommer’s latest drop is the alternative single “ME TO A STRANGER,” featuring artist MOTHICA. The tune additionally has an accompanying visualizer.

Alternative rock and pop make a fusion that is usually indescribable, and “ME TO A STRANGER” falls right in the sweet spot. At the same time, it brings electro and slightly psychedelic elements in. However, the real message is about the support that every individual (Especially the artist), needs. Lyrics like “Don’t need no one to help me, but you could tell me daily that you’re proud” and “Done with ticking boxes so I’m making my own intuition; it tells me to listen and to trust in myself when nobody sees the vision” get deeply personal. The whole point is to make a statement about being yourself and going the distance, even when no one else sees the path in front of you. These moving lyrics remind us to accept all paths. So, stream Heather Sommer’s “ME TO A STRANGER” to see how your path is still a worthy one.