The Gentleman’s Blueprint (EP)

Tre 3:18

Tre 3:18 pitches his version of the gospel to us in “The Gentleman’s Blueprint.”

If you have bible-styled verse numbers in your rap name (3:18), you better be the truth! Thankfully, Tre 3:18 is the truth with cheese in the middle! Ironically, the verses he puts together tend to be intricate, well-structured, and powerful. Tre’s latest release is the seven-track EP The Gentleman’s Blueprint.

I don’t know about you, but I sat my ass down and dissected every element of this EP. I mean, how can you not be provoked to listen to it hard after hearing Tre spit serious bars in the intro? The Gentleman’s Blueprint boasts gentle instrumentals that knock enough to make a Jehovah’s Witness jealous, very deep lyrical content, very unique flows, therapeutic vibes, and sneaky good melodies (The melodies that Tre gifts us with in “Rapunzel” are special). All in all, the project feels like a body of work that is meant to make you nod your head and understand the mindset of a regular degular individual that goes through the same trials and tribulations as you.

Give the impressive The Gentleman’s Blueprint a shot below.