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Casey Moon

A dreamy pop gem with a melancholic feeling and lofi elements.

Toronto, Canada-based musical creative, Casey Moon, is an emerging singer, songwriter, producer, and pop artist. Clearly, Moon is no novice to the music world, having played in numerous bands over the years while working as a songwriter and producer. However, he is now starting a new chapter in his musical journey as a solo artist. His work takes inspiration from a wide variety of people, such as The 1975 and Frank Ocean. Similarly, his style is a mix of many different genres, ranging from lofi to rap to classical. His discography is available on Spotify and Apple Music. Casey Moon’s debut drop is the pop single, “Home.”

“Home” offers an atmospheric and nostalgic environment that feels soft and soothing, like you’re listening in the middle of a field. Lyrics like “We both feel so alone, this is a hollow home” and “I can’t read your mind; no more than I can let you know what I’m feeling” provide wistful frustrations about feeling stuck. More than that, this song is a reflection on love, loneliness, and emotions about being with someone else. This song feels strangely relatable to listeners. Moon explores plenty of struggles and leaves us excited to hear what’s next. So, press play and get lost in Casey Moon’s “Home” for that bittersweet familiarity.

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