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Jake William Capistran Knows “How to Dance”

How to Dance

Jake William Capistran

An R&B tune that’s instructional and emotional.

Portland, Oregon-based musical creative, Jake William Capistran, is a singer, songwriter, performer, and composer. With a long history in music, he dropped his highly-popular debut solo release Goners in 2016. Capistran’s unique sound fuses elements of folk, rock, and soul, joined by the support of his seven-piece backing band. He loves acoustic guitar in his pieces and makes an effort to include it every time. These inclusive pieces are available on Spotify, YouTube, and his own website. Jake William Capistran’s newest release is the R&B single “How to Dance,” featuring artist Sarah Clarke.

This is a song for the younger listeners or the ones who love to be active. While it’s easygoing, it’s also a danceable song. At the same time, “How To Dance” talks about all the different emotions and moves flowing through the artist. Lyrics like “My feet are feeling loose and my head don’t feel so heavy, but I’m just getting warmed up” and “Lean my head back, do a little shoulder shake. Let my fingers snap, get carried away” provide plenty of carefree reminders. It’s time to unapologetically dance like no one is watching. With tons of feel-good moments, Capistran’s new track is ready to embrace you with contagious good vibes. So, stream Jake William Capistran’s “How to Dance” to learn exactly how to move on the floor.

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