Jay Zayat

Jay Zayat sounds hella focused in “ANGEL EYES.”

Melbourne’s very own, Jay Zayat, is the truth and a half. Not only does he have an impeccable work ethic, but he raps like a dude that has something to prove to you, me, and the world. In his latest single, “ANGEL EYES,” Jay never stops showing us what hunger sounds like.

“ANGEL EYES” features production that hits hard but also has these smooth, GodFather-like elements attached to it. Over the production, Jay hits us with everything from aggressive deliveries to feverish flows to lyrical content that proves that he will not be blocked on his road to success. On some real s**t, if you aren’t motivated to hustle harder after listening to this track, you should check if your heart is operating correctly.

Give Jay Zayat’s “ANGEL EYES” a shot below.