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Lil Baby Calls On 42 Dugg & Veeze For “U-Digg”


Lil Baby (Ft. 42 Dugg & Veeze)

Lil Baby is entering a very dangerous stage in his career right now.

You know I like being honest with you, right? Can I be honest with you really quick? OK, here I go: Lil Baby is trending downwards. Despite having his own documentary that is set to release on Prime Video really soon, I feel like his last couple of singles just haven’t gained much traction for whatever reason. With that being said, if you fall from the top spot, more than likely you are going to land somewhere that is still pretty nice. Today, Baby decided to plug jumper cables onto his 2022 by releasing “U-Digg” with 42 Dugg & Veeze.


Number one options don’t make tracks like “U-Digg.” The song features a low-quality beat, a mailed-in performance by Lil Baby, a solid verse by newcomer Veeze, and a forgettable verse by 42 Dugg. I don’t know, this song just didn’t move the needle, to me (The music video might be worse than the song, actually).

I’m confident that Lil Baby has some better s**t for us stashed away.

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