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Down Bad

Hitmaka, Fabolous & Jeremih (Ft. Ivory Scott)

This might be the hottest summer jam I’ve heard this year.

Summertime is in full force! Pool parties are poppin’, the weather is great, and First Take is boring again. Every summer needs summer jams, and I think “Down Bad” with Hitmaka, Fabolous, Jeremih, and Ivory Scott is definitely a hot one.


This song’s vibes are so infectious, I saw Slenderman shaking his ass to it. Not only do I love the island beat, but I f**k with Ivory Scott’s dynamic melodies, Jeremih’s silky smooth hook, and Fabolous’ playa-esque and punchline-heavy rap verse. All in all, I’m trying to hear this joint over and over again.

I’m so glad Jeremih is doing OK again! I’m also glad he cut his hair.

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