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City Boy Summer [Fargo Fridays]

Tory Lanez

It’s getting harder and harder to guess what Tory Lanez is going to do next.

Tory Lanez might be the most versatile musician I’ve ever heard. This year alone, he has released a pop record, a Miami-influenced record, and an R&B/hip-hop record. In “City Boy Summer [Fargo Fridays],” his latest single, Tory toys with some Big K.R.I.T./H-Town/80s New York hip-hop s**t.


Tory is a helluva s**t-talker, too. In “City Boy Summer [Fargo Fridays],” he spits bars that are supposed to make his opps, his competition, his jumpoffs, his realtors, and his naysayers angry as hell. Not only does he come across as a nuisance content-wise, but also does delivery-wise (He sounds arrogant, pompous, and damn-there pimpadocios).

Tory Lanez ruffles more feathers than a Naked & Afraid contestant who hasn’t eaten in twelve days.

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