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Annah Marcelle Tells Us To Avoid The “Street of Lies”

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Street of Lies

Annah Marcelle

I just love how Annah Marcelle vulnerably tells her truth in “Street of Lies.”

Annah Marcelle is a Virginia-based indie-pop singer/songwriter that does a spectacular job of wearing her heart on her sleeve in her music. Since the age of 13, she has been writing music; she started recording music three years later. According to Annah, she has written a whopping 200 songs thus far! One of her latest creations is the powerful “Street Of Lies.”

In “Street Of Lies,” Annah Marcelle calls out broken promises, distrust, and negligence going on in a relationship that seems to be spiraling downward. Despite her confrontational lyrics, interestingly, the song puffs soothing elements. Not only do you get a silky smooth vocal performance out of Annah, but you also get a therapeutic instrumental, highly infectious melodies, and vibes that will calm your nerves. My guess is that Annah made this song AFTER giving her partner the boot (Once you remove the problem, it’s so much easier to live stress-free :)).

Spin “Street Of Lies” as much as you can below.


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